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Bubal university college is committed university to produce competent Dental Doctors and dental professionals in next generation especially in Somaliland who are prepared and dedicated nation to increase dental care facilities and prevent, promote, curative, and rehabilitative oral health to contribute our community and decreased health problems of the country.

Bubal university college is the first dental college opened in capital city Hargeisa.

Message from Dr Hebaq Bubal

It was like a dream for me, to open a dental school and to give back my country the knowledge I’ve earned. This idea took hold in my mind, since I was a student in Cairo, in my internship year.In Hargeisa, I start working on this idea since 2010 as I worked as a lecturer in Amoud Dental School.

In Hargeisa, I start working on this idea since 2010 as I worked as a lecturer in Amoud Dental School And there was a lot of obstacles and challenges on my way starting from thought wasn’t a dental school in Hargeisa city.

Since I opened my clinic at 2010 and having the opportunity to see many patients suffering from numerous dental problems, I noticed that hepatitis is epidemic among the patients visiting me and 50% of the patient contracted the disease after visiting the dentist and removing their tooth with unclean, contaminated instruments in very poor hygiene clinics since most of this service is done by foreign people.

This shows the presence of unqualified dentist treating the patients and spreading infectious diseases, not limited to hepatitis. A lot of patients came to me to complain from the cost of treatment. Also, there is lack of awareness in dental health in

Also, there is lack of awareness in dental health in a community.

Those things inspired me to think about the importance of having a good dental school with qualified lecturers can produce a qualified dentist that can save, rather than endanger the patient’s life and be teaching dental school can provide high professional dental service to the poor people and who can’t have afforded the expenses and this service is giving by the students to fill the gap in the community and lack of dental professionals So to look a solution for burden in the country, we established the College of dentistry at Bubal University at the beginning of 2015.

To be internationally recognized as a leader in education, research, patient care and service.

Our mission is to produce dental professionals who are prepared intellectually, technically, and ethically to meet oral health care needs and challenges of our country(Somaliland).

We are committed to excellence in dental education, practice, management and research.

Our core values guide us setting our priorities and our source of aspirations.

  • Teamwork
  • Freedom of equality
  • Learning
  • Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty and accountability

Our Teachers

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